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Specialized Dolce 2012

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Reich’s piece brings back some searing memories, with (for me) an emotional intensity that had dimmed over the last 10 years. His work is a reflection of the chaos and horror of that day, and of the struggle to understand what happened. In that light, using that photo feels, to me, appropriate. I don’t fully appreciate the dark smudging and streaking of the image (the NY sky was a bright clear blue that day)…but this feels like a quibble. The events of that day were ghastly, abhorrent. But I appreciate the way Reich’s piece brings me face-to-face with what happened, and with my own visceral reaction.

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Sheldon: I sense that’s not sincere, although I have no idea why.

pretty much me trying to explain to my family y we should celebrate Festivus instead…or Newton-mas

Newton was awesome!!!

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Tanqueray and Barbasol.

[Buzz’s Leica M8.2]

I love this photo my friend Butler took of us in Palm Springs to celebrate Briana’s birthday.

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Fall on Central Park West~


As November slips away the last leaves fall on Central Park West making way for the winter air and snow filled trees…

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The winter season has gone to my head, been looking at snowflake structures so made this snowflake out of airliners, with a Virgin Atlantic 747 being the main focus.  Of interest the aircraft in this post were all taken from the same spot, Putney, London as they descended towards Heathrow airport last summer with me sat on my back shooting skywards, further details are:

Time: Friday July 15 12:10 - 13:23 BST 2011

Altitude 3000 feet (estimate)

Azimuth/Bearing 056° N56E 0996mils (true)

Elevation Angle +90°

Horizontal Angle +20.7°

Each aircraft was shot every 2 mins.  Gave me an idea for a future project!!



Always Be Knolling.

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